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Library Vision & Mission

Statement of Vision

The library will be Oregon Tech's intellectual commons, the hub of knowledge and learning for the community, with a staff committed to excellence; dedicated to the open, free exchange of ideas; and continually striving to make it easy for our users to locate, navigate, and access high quality information resources.

Statement of Mission

The library provides student-centered services and collections to foster student and graduate success through the development of information literacy, critical thinking, and life-long learning. 

To support the emerging research and informational needs of our communities, we are committed to excellence and dedicated to the open, free exchange of ideas. 

Strategic Action Plan 2018-2022

The library is a hub of the university in many ways. The Oregon Tech library will strive to reach this vision. Through meetings, discussions, and opening door for ideas, the library has created goals and plans toward this end. It is recognized that these goals and plans need to be accomplished within the greater strategic vision of the university. It is also recognized that this plan is adaptable. In the name of innovation and growth, this plan is open to change and further development. 
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Annual Reports

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2017-18 Library Annual Report (pdf)
The Oregon Tech University Libraries are stretching beyond the traditional academic library. With information available in many more ways than items on a shelf, we are reaching for new way…