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Using the EBSCOhost eBook Collection

Finding and Viewing an EBSCOhost eBook

The Oregon Tech Libraries offer a number of different eBook options. The EBSCOhost eBook Collection has a wide variety of subjects including Social Sciences and Engineering as well as literature and some out of print books. You can find these books through the Oregon Tech Library Catalog or by searching and browsing the collection directly.

Note: eBooks, like paper books, need to be reshelved between uses. If you logout after you have viewed a book you will have to wait a few minutes before that book will be accessible again.

Searching The EBSCOhost eBook Collection

When you first enter the EBSCOhost eBook Collection you will automatically be taken to the search screen. Type your topic in to the search box and hit enter or the search button.

If you have a specific title or author go to the advanced search screen.


On this screen you can select what fields to search, such as title, author, or ISBN. When you have typed in your terms and selected the fields you want to search you can hit enter, or click the search button. If you type in terms without selecting a field it will automatically search all the fields.

After you have searched you should see a results screen like this one:


  • On the left side of this screen you have options to narrow your search results. These will include, date, author, publisher, and more based on the amount and variety of results your original search returned.
  • On the right side of this screen you have the option to chat with a librarian. We can help you narrow your results, view and check out your books, and answer any questions you may have.
  • The center of the screen is where you see your search results. If you click on a title you will see more information on a specific title. Below each title on the list you have the option to add the book to your folder, view the book, or download/ checkout the title.
    • Adding a book to the folder will allow you to go through results and pick out the ones relevant to you right now. You can then email the citations to yourself, or view the books individually from the folder list. To do this you will have to set up an EBSCOhost account. This is an account that you set up, and is not connected to your Oregon Tech information.

Viewing an eBook

When you select eBook FullText from either your results list, or from a books page, your book will load in Adobe Reader.


  • On the left of this screen you can see the table of contents (if there is one). You can click on a chapter title to go directly to that chapter and subchapter.
  • On the right side of this page you can:
    • ebscoebooksearchinSearch within this book
    • ebscoebookscreate a noteMake a note (must logon to use this)
    • ebscoebooksdictionaryUse the dictionary/ glossary
    • ebscoebooksprintPrint (Each title has a limit of the number of pages you can print from the book.)
    • ebscoebooksemailEmail this title
    • ebscoebooksaddfolderAdd book to your folder (You must be logged in)
    • ebscoebooksciteCite this book in a variety of popular formats including APA and MLA
    • ebscoebooksexportExport this title
    • ebscoebookspermalinkCopy a permanent link to this title (you will have to logon through the Oregon Tech library logon to view book again.)
    • ebscoebooksbookmarkBookmark a page or section (must be logged in)
  • In the center you can view the book you chose. There are navigation buttons at the bottom of the book where you can go to the next page, or select a page number to go to. You can also decrease or increase the page size in the viewer from here.

Checking out an eBook

To check out your ebook you will need to do two things before the check out process.

First, you will need to create an account in EBSCOhost eBook collection. This is your private account that you set up with your own username and password. This account is not the same as your my.oit logon or your Oregon Tech library logon. See below for reasons to have an EBSCOhost account.

Second, you will need Adobe Digital Editions on the computer or other electronic device (eReaders, smart phones, tablets, etc.) you are checking the book out from.

To checkout the book click the download button available in the results list, on the book detailed view, and in the eBook viewer. If you have not logged on you will be prompted to here. You can also create your account here if this is the first time you have needed an account. Once logged on you will be asked how long you want the book for (1 to 7 days) and then select the yellow checkout and download button. Your book may take a moment or so to download, depending on internet connection speed and size of the book.


What are the benefits of creating an EBSCOhost account?

  • Once you checkout a title for 1 to 7 days, you will be able to access it through your account from any computer or other internet enabled electronic device with Adobe Digital Editions. This is your private account that you set up with your own username and password. This account is not the same as your my.oit logon or your Oregon Tech library logon.
  • You can leave yourself notes in the margins of books
  • You can save books to your folder to come back to later while still allowing others to access the title while you are not viewing it. These saved books are not checked out to you, but are available in your folder for reference later.